Cumulative 11/23/44-8/20/45

This page serves as a introduction for a document that was found within the papers of Clarence A. Black. I am one of five direct descendants of Clarence A. Black and recall that Dad spoke very little of the war so I hope that others maybe able to fill in the missing gaps. The Crew Chief Performance document pertains to all of the crew chiefs assigned to the XXI Bomber Command, 73RD Bomb Wing, and the 499TH Bombardment Group thus the information may also help others researching the war or may have even known Clarence A. Black. If so please feel free to contact me and with documents or photos so I can add them to this web space. Donít bother e-mailing me for purposes that are not directly related to this subject matter as it is unlikely I will buy your products.

I will be adding to this web site as documents are found so be sure to check back from time to time. With few exceptions the photographs dad took do not have anything written on the back so we are unable to correctly identify the people and sometimes the places so I you recognize someone let us know and we will add the names. If you reached this page from a Internet search engine you can follow this link to see other WWII B-29 documents I have posted

To improve the readability of the Crew Chief Performance document I re-typed it so Google and other search engines could locate it. I tried my best to preserve the format and content as well as possible but it may contain flaws. You can also view a 600dpi scan of the fifteen page document in Adobe Acrobat format by clicking on this link: 499th Crew Chief Performance SCAN.pdf

I have placed navigation aids at the bottom of my re-typed work so you can retrieve each page or return to a prior one.